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The Cook Islands year round warmth makes it an ideal destination at any time with only a slight variance in temperatures of between 22ºC and 29ºC throughout most of the year. The winter months of April to November are typically the drier period, with the wet, more humid, season coinciding with the summer months of December to March. June, July and August are the cooler months, while November to March marks the warmer season, with occasional tropical showers expected. Being in the tropics, weather can be very variable throughout the day, but usually when it rains on one side of the island, it is sunny on the other! Humidity can be quite high, so when packing your bags, make sure you leave behind the synthetic fabrics and stick to lightweight cotton and natural fibres. Tee-shirts, shorts, sleeveless dresses are great and don't forget to pack a sunhat, sunglasses along with plenty of sunblock.


International phone and fax services, mobile telephones, mobile data services and wireless internet hotspots are provided by Vodafone Cook Islands. Vodafone Cook Islands Travel SIM is $49 Travel SIM valid for 15 days that includes internet data, text messages, local and international calls. Wireless Internet Hotspots are available in many locations including Vodafone Teleshops, many accommodation providers, some local shops and eateries; however you will need to purchase a Vodafone Cook Islands voucher to use these. Postal services are also available at Vodafone Cook Islands.

Vodafone Cook Islands Travel SIM:

Bank providers ANZ , BSP and BCI banks are located in central Avarua shopping district on Rarotonga, and are open Mon-Fri from 9am to 3pm. ANZ extends its hours on Friday to 4pm, and BSP is open from 9am-12pm on Saturdays. ATM services are located outside banks as well as at various points around Rarotonga including the International Airport. EFTPOS is available at most stores, restaurants, bars, hotels and resorts.