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Atiu Safari & Fishing Tours

Atiu Safari & Fishing Tours

The Island Discovery Tour is a 3.5 hour guided tour that takes you on a journey to discover the remarkable history and unsurpassed beauty of this little peaceful paradise. Your tour begins with a drive through the main village and town area of Areora. You are shown the small business district, government buildings, local churches and schools, as well as the Ngamaru Ariki (Chiefs) palace and special landmarks.

Each stop has a fascinating history which your tour guides will share with you along the way.

There are two fishing trip options to choose from - Fishing Around Atiu or Fishing to Takutea - 21kms northwest of Atiu. Each trip offers their own unique experiences, with breath-taking views of the islands from the ocean and the opportunity to enjoy some deep sea fishing out on the Pacific Ocean.
Following your fishing trip a delicious lunch is provided before your transfer back to your accomodation.

Atiu Tumunu Tour is a two-century old tradition where the local men gather at their village clubs to enjoy several rounds of a fruit based alcoholic local brew and discuss their day. At the Tumunu everyone is seated in a circle surrounding the barman. The barman then serves the brew clockwise out of a small coconut shell - smaller than the volume of a wine glass.

The Tumunu Tour is a great way to meet the locals and sample the local beverage and local music. Learn about the history of this tradition.

Atiu Safari & Fishing Tours 
Atiu Safari & Fishing Tours 
Atiu Safari & Fishing Tours 
Atiu Safari & Fishing Tours

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