El primer operador turístico de las Islas Cook, miembro del grupo Turama

Bonefish E2's Way

Bonefish E2's Way

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The huge Bonefish (Kio Kio) of Aitutaki lagoon are a challenge to catch... and land. Although, with Itu’s extensive knowledge of the flats and legendary fish spotting ability, will help tip the odds in your favour.

Itu is a second generation Bone -fisherman, he and his brothers were taught about Bonefish by their father Richard and nobody knows the Bonefish of Aitutaki like the boys from the Davey clan.

NB: A bonefishing license is required

Bonefish E2's Way 
Bonefish E2's Way 
Bonefish E2's Way 
Bonefish E2's Way

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