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Getting around

Feel the wind in your hair

Travel is a breeze around Rarotonga, which is only 32 kilometers in circumference! There are two main roads on Rarotonga, you can circle the island on the Ara Tapu sealed road, through the villages and past the beaches; or you can take the older inland road, which winds through fields of taro, pawpaw, bananas and local farmlands. Vehicles are driven on the left hand side of the road in the Cook Islands and the maximum speed is 30km in towns and villages and 50km in less populated areas. Those who hold a full driver license from their home country may drive in the Cook Islands but only for the class of vehicle they are licensed for. There is a compulsory practical test for motorcycles or scooters if your licence does not cover this.

Around Rarotonga

On Rarotonga there are a range of vehicles and motor scooters available to hire from rental companies around the island at daily or weekly rates. A number of the resorts also have on site hire cars and scooters available for hire. Bicycles are another option for exploring the island, and are widely available for hire. Taxis and a regular public bus service also operate on Rarotonga. Public bus is a reliable and economical means to travel, with buses departing on the hour and circumnavigating the island in approx. 50 minutes with frequent stops along the way. The bus will also stop anywhere on request. Private VIP transfers are available from Raro Tours for that special occasion. A number of companies also offer guided tours on Rarotonga, ranging from circling the island in an air-conditioned coach or an electric tuk tuk, to tours on 4WD vehicles, self-drive buggies, quad-bikes and bicycles that will take you to the out of the way places if you wish to really explore while you are here.

Aitutaki and the outer islands

Air Rarotonga connects the main island of Rarotonga to most of the southern group islands on a regular basis and few of the northern group islands. Just a 45 minutes flight from Raro and you are in spectacular Aitutaki where is possible to hire vehicles, motor scooters and bicycles, but there are no public transport options. For many of the outer islands transport can be limited in the choice of scooters and bicycles for hire. We recommend arranging vehicles or bicycles rental prior to arrival.