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Mitiaro By Private Jet

Mitiaro, traditionally known as Nukuroa, is located approximately 266 kilometres northeast of Rarotonga. It is encircled by a band of Makatea (raised coral) with a fertile interior. The island is the fourth largest island in the Cook Islands and has a population of around 160 - all its residence live in one settlement on the west coast of the island.

This All-Inclusive Package takes you on a fascinating overnight adventure to explore the pristine natural beauty of Mitiaro.
Learn about the local history, and experience their unique culture and way of life.

Our standard package includes: 

  • Our own Guide to accompany you throughout
  • Return Private Airport Transfers on both Rarotonga and Mitiaro
  • Return Private Jet Flights (Rarotonga / Mitiaro / Rarotonga)
  • Ei Meet & Greet on Arrival into Mitiaro
  • One night at Divine Retreat in Mitiaro
  • Guided Private Island Tour of Mitiaro - Tour includes swim at Vai Nauri and Vai Marere, fresh water cave pools.
  • Lunch & Dinner on the day of arrival, and Tropical Breakfast and Lunch of Day 2
  • Visit to Mitiaro School, and Weaving and Tivaevae demonstration with the local mamas on Day 2

**The Jet can only carry up to 6 passengers plus our guide.  For groups of 8 or more, a larger aircraft will be required which we can arrange.

Click here for 2022-2023 Mitiaro By Private Jet Brochure